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My research is a practice of liberatory philosophical critique, and broadly aims to: 1) foster social transformation through innovative engagement with persistent philosophical problems, as well as contemporary real-world issues; 2) alter the academic landscape by drawing on marginalized traditions in order to render the philosophical canon more inclusive and diverse, and to offer alternative resources for fueling said innovative engagement.

The non-ideal world we inhabit grounds my liberatory aims, and my critique of unjust social conditions evaluates and reformulates dominant moral and political norms, specifically those that create obstacles for promoting justice.  I prioritize the imperative of transforming conditions of oppression and domination, because as I see it, restricted opportunities for self-development and meaningful social contribution (oppression), and restricted opportunities to participate in decision-making processes that affect one’s life (domination), are the primary obstacles to human flourishing in that they inhibit people from meaningfully exercising their agency and cultivating a positive sense of self-worth.

To accomplish these emancipatory ends, I am developing three distinct, yet intersecting research programs – one in Critical Philosophy of Race, one in Political theory, and one in Comparative philosophy – that draw on a plurality of sources, particularly Africana, Continental, Critical Race, Decolonial, and Feminist philosophies.

  • Works in Progress

    “Behind the ‘Hubris of the Zero Point’: Methods for Resisting Epistemic Oppression” (under review)

    “The Ideology of Racism: Unveiling 'Race Neutrality'” (under review)

    “Sharing Responsibility for Racial Injustice” (under review)

    “More than the Material Matters: Rousseau and the Psychic Motivations of White Supremacy” (in preparation)

    “Concrete Morality and Corrective Justice: The Primacy of Non-ideal Theory for Combatting Racial Injustice” (in preparation)

  • Past and Upcoming Presentations

    “Resisting Willful Ignorance in the Age of Social Media: The “Power” of Democratic Knowing,” Guest Speaker, Arcadia University, April 2018

    “Civil Discourse: Examining ‘Post-Racial’ America,” Panel Discussion MercyTalk and NewCORE’s MLK Legacy Conversations, Gwynedd Mercy University, March 2018

    “Behind the ‘Hubris of the Zero Point’: Methods for Resisting Epistemic Oppression,” Works in Progress Series, Temple University, November 2017

    Commentator, Nkiru Nzegwu’s “Conceptualizing Transformatory Power,” MAP-UPenn Non-western Philosophy Conference: “Global Feminisms,” March 2017

    “‘Shade-Tree Theology’: Jean-Marc Ela’s Grassroots Liberation Theology,” Caribbean Philosophical Association “Theorizing from Small Places Conference,” June 2016

    “Radical Responsibility: A Sartrean Contribution to an ‘Ethics of Liberation’,” North American Sartre Society Annual Meeting, November 2015

    “Sartre and Postcolonial Humanism,” Caribbean Philosophical Association “Diverse Lineages of Existentialism Conference,” June 2014

    “Understanding African Identity: Revealing Human Identity,” Boston College Graduate Scholarship Symposium, April 2010

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